Old ‘it girl’ shirt

Do you ever bought a certain clothing piece and say: ” I could so use this with this, yeah I should get it, It would go right with this.”  and never use that blouse, shirt or whatever you bought…?
It’s okay, I happens to me all the time. Don’t worry, there’s still hope…. here’s my story :

So, half a year ago I bought this ‘it girl’ shirt, ’cause the print looks cool, but never gave it a proper use, I’d just go around the house with a very loose short and this shirt.

it girl shirt
But yesterday, an incredible idea came to me. This shirt paired with a skirt, how about that? Now, I picked a black one ’cause I personally feel black and white combination can give you a classy or modern look.
So here’s this cotton oversized and loose shirt with a simple black skirt, “what kind of shoes would you used?”, I thought to myself. And gladiator sandals cross my mind immediately.

sandals it  glasses

.This sandals give a less formal, but still presentable and decent ‘to go out’ look. I love the thickness of  platform ’cause it ain’t too wide. They are super comfortable and easy to style.
Throw a couple of black rounded shades and a nice clutch and and that’s how I renovated the ‘loose shirt’ look to  an ‘It girl’ look.
Don’t forget your red lipstick to highlight your lips and give a bit color to the outfit and maybe some cat eye liner (if you think it’s not too much).

Now you can go out with a simple outfit that will give you an amazing look!

blah mas blah

 Stay tuned for a Summer Haul and Summer favorites very soon! xx

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: JC Penny
Gladiator Sandals: H & M
Purse: Forever 21
Shades: Local Boutique

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I’ve got my Chelsea Boots on!

Hello, it’s been a while since the last time! So much it’s happening right now and I hadn’t had the chance to keep posting.
Anyway, last weekend I visited the Franklin Mountains at El Paso, Texas. They have a couple of areas to stop and take a look at the city, and that’s exactly what my family and I did.
I swear it was a super relaxing moment, the weather was so enjoyable. It was cloudy and really windy, perfect for going out.

A view to the city



Well, now getting into the topic: Chelsea Boots. You have no idea how long I had been looking for this specific style of boots. Weeks ago I got into Forever 21 online page and saw they where selling them, and I’ve gotta say I was supper excited about getting them, so I did later. I could not wait anymore to rock ‘em so I decided to use them the day I went to the mountains.
I ended up pulling this very casual look, with the simplest pieces. I used a brick colored chiffon blouse, with skinny grey jeans and my new Chelsea Boots. I wanted to give it a more relaxing feeling to the outfit so I rolled up the sleeves of my blouse, I thought it would give a less formal look.

new boots

By the way this was an improved session, it wasn’t really planned, but I think it wasn’t so bad and I hope that soon I can find another way to style Chelsea boots and share it with you. So far this is it, thanks for reading, and see you on the next post! xx

intagram: @morrissseyy

Blouse: Forever 21
Chelsea boots: Forever 21
Photography and Edit: By Paloma Rodriguez
Location: Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas.



Rad Pizza Socks…


Hello everyone! So, this is my first post ever… and I wanted to share with you this experience I had buying this crazy item.  A couple of weeks ago,my family and I traveled to Albuquerque,NM. There I found this really cool ‘pizza’ socks. (I still don’t know how am I gonna style them but, hey! at least I have options for shoes.)I wasn’t very sure if should have buy them, but it was love at first sight (what can I say?). So, here’s a little idea of how to style them (in case you have similar socks) In my opinion I think they look good with Docs, and even great with Converse.



Btw, they are so comfortable and soft. If you are wondering where to buy it, there’s this place in Albuquerque called Old Town (is a historic local district) , they have several gift & souvenirs stores and most of them have these mind blowing kind of socks. Mines where only $10. I swear  they are crazy! Yous should definitely go if you ever have the chance.

And…If you do know how to style them, you can also share it with me, you can send a picture or leave a comment.
Hope you come and visit the blog soon, and hopefully I’ll be posting an outfit to rock this socks! Goodbye. xx